Walk-in tubs are a trendy choice for North American residents who plan to age in place or have limited mobility. Thanks to their ergonomic layout and bonus safety features like low threshold steps and grab handles, walk-in baths are simple and safe for everyone. Plus, walk-in tubs also generate a relaxing environment with features like hydro jets and comfortable seating. If you are planning to age in place or have back or neck issues, then you should learn more about the variety of benefits offered by walk-in bath tubs.

1. Spa-like relaxation

Traditional baths aren’t perfect for taking long soaks because they are relatively shallow. Most baths are at most 14 inches in depth. You need to lie back to feel comfy! You will be happy to learn that walk-in units are noticeably deeper and can carry as much as four feet of water. That is a huge difference!

Mainstream bathtubs also include a high step that becomes difficult and maybe even perilous as we get older. Fortunately, walk-in bathtubs utilize a door that homeowners can effortlessly step through. And to cut down on the liability of spills, the door stays latched while the unit is in use. To enhance your enjoyment while the unit is filling with water, you can always add a heated seat!

2. Greater safety

Walk-in bath tubs are designed with safety as the greatest priority. These units boast an array of features to cut down on dangerous slips while washing. Some of these features are:

  • Built-in grab bars
  • Low step thresholds
  • Scald reduction valves

Scald prevention is a favorite add-on for North American walk-in tubs. The valve greatly minimizes the odds of the water being too hot. While the water may be fairly crisp at the start, a heated seat will ensure you feel nice and cozy as you wait!

3. Beneficial effects on health

Countless North American homeowners use their walk-in tubs for hydrotherapy. Water jets are equipped in key locations within the unit to create a massage-like treatment for your tired and sore muscles. And if you prefer not to activate the hydro jets, bathing in warm water is still extremely valuable for mending everyday aches and pains.

4. Many styles to select from

Every person is different, and that’s why walk-in baths are highly customizable. Walk-in baths are available in a range of different sizes — some units even accommodate two people at the same time!

Installing your brand new walk-in bath

When the time has come to add a walk-in bathtub, we advise consulting with a trustworthy bath renovation contractor in North American. The remodeler will visit your house to:

  • Properly measure your bathroom
  • Provide a couple of different walk-in bathtub options
  • Describe the different features of each one
  • Lay out the installation procedure so you know what to expect on installation day

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